Minneapolis, Minnesota (December 19, 2017) – The travel marketing and PR industry’s only podcast, Passport Travel Marketing & PR, welcomes Leah Shah, director of public relations for Visit Houston and Houston First Corporation, and Melvin Tennant, president and chief executive officer of Meet Minneapolis, on Episode 015.

For our first ever two-guest episode, we hear about the incredible logistics of planning a Super Bowl, working with an entity as enormous as the NFL and managing the “tapestry of interests” of all the partners involved. Leah Shah from Visit Houston reflects on the challenges for planning Super Bowl 2017 while Mevlin Tennant of Meet Minneapolis brings the perspective of being on the home stretch for planning 2018.

The Passport Travel Marketing & PR Podcast is hosted by travel podcasting legend Chris Christensen and media/marketing pro Leif Pettersen. You can find previous episodes here or through iTunes.