After many weeks of behind-the-scenes work, I’m thrilled to announce the launch of Leif Pettersen PR, yet another exciting chapter in my nearly 15 years in travel media and marketing.

I’ll let the press release speak for itself. Onward!

Prominent travel writer and marketer, Leif Pettersen, launches PR agency

Leif Pettersen, accomplished travel writer and award-winning travel marketing professional, has launched a next-gen PR agency focusing on travel marketing and communications.

A frequent outspoken critic of “lazy, unfocused, out-dated and comical” PR marketing tactics, Pettersen intends his entry into the sector to be “among the best in effective travel marketing and communications, through a fresh, hyper-targeted, personal, and innovative approach, driven by some of the best talent in the industry.”

Pettersen, former Tourism Communications Manager for Mall of America and 15-year veteran of travel media, brings with him a turn-key network of contacts and all-star colleagues-for-hire. His in-depth, crossover expertise in marketing and media, two interlocked, yet divergent industries, as well as his extensive world travel (56 countries and counting) has bestowed him with singular expertise, which makes him a popular speaker at industry conferences and a rising radio interviewee.

Other notable, if somewhat random, achievements in determination, focus and sheer eye-watering willpower include writing and publishing his acclaimed 2016 book, “Backpacking with Dracula” while working a full-time job, winning silver at the International Juggler’s Association team championships in 2014 and, somehow, not having vomited since 1993.

Leif Pettersen PR will focus on international and domestic destinations, properties and brands looking to raise their profiles in North America. His growing client list includes Marriott, Travel Manitoba, Sidekix interest-based navigation app and The Dominican Tree House Village.